Friday, August 21, 2009

The busy life of a laid off psychotic

Or something like that. Laid off for medical so I don't have health insurance. Good thing my dad is willing and able to help me out. I'm busy with packing. Earlier this month I helped my mother out and spent time with my niece and cousins up north.
I'm also brainstorming of alternate ways to make money. Some of them actually make sense but I gotta check into a few things, get certain things squared away and well get better mentally. One of my old peeps insists on having me back...especially after my replacement went MIA. My boss is giving in but I told her I need a few more weeks. I actually like this pace and break from the stress. He is only 8 hrs a week but I need to finish moving before I take him on. Then I can do him, finish some organization at new place, heal and formulate my game plan. I'm hoping by the end of September that I can pursue my art and at least one other idea in my head.
I got the blood work and saw the sleep specialist peeps. My blood work came back good except my triglycerides are a bit high and my liver function is a little low. My sister said my liver wasn't functioning right when she did her prodding analysis. I think that is why she also suspects hep C. So I'm getting that checked out and the HIV. The sleep peeps wanna check out apnea and narcolepsy.
I'm trying to get my organizers into one organizer and organize it. Trying saying that 10xs fast :)

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