Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Literary Diatribe into a Daydream

I really want to do something new with the English language and literature like my heroes. There is thousands of writers out there...many good ones. How does one stand out? The best known ones these days are generally sub-par for the masses. So many innovators and wanna be ones make it such a daunting task to stick out and be noticed. All artists have to have at least some manner of ego to accomplish great things. Generally it is a very big ego and not always tempered with humility. Yes....ego and humility can coexist.

I'm also starting to have book and short story ideas again. I'll have basic ideas but not anything I think I can flesh out sooner than later. I don't want to be definable which they won't let me but If I can have at least 3 labels applied to my book then that is undefinable to me. Science fiction and chick lit are where my most of my ideas fall into. I even have a few children's books in my head.

I need to make the time for writing. I've finally found what I want to do in life (well part of it...the part I'd most likely make some half decent money at) and now I don't have the resources that I used to have. It will be awhile before I have anything I would even try to have published. I think I will focus on essays and short stories and in about a year I will have enough to find an agent and get that whole enchilada in the oven.

Who knows if I'll get something new going but my urge to write is so huge I can't deny it. I also want to make stuff and have a house and a garden...maybe a small farm: a horse, chickens, a peacock and lots of cats and dogs at the very least. I wouldn't be averse to sheep, alpacas, or tons of horses. A girl can dream.........

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