Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Agoraphobia is not your friend

Trying to leave the house when severe agoraphobia sets in is the strangest thing. Some days I can get out and other days I'm stuck. The internet doesn't help. I guess I would just lie there or read a book or watch tv. I probably would of gotten out today if I had not mixed up the times for my two massages. The one today was at noon and my one next Friday is at 2:30pm. I realized this at 1:45pm... just a little too late. I gave up on getting ready....well for awhile. I rfeally did try to leave over and over...even to the point of just getting some clothes on and ditching the shower. So today is expensive... I have to pay for a massage that I missed and really needed and also I have to pay for my ticket and my consumers for the ballgame we missed tonight. Not to mention everyday this happens I don't work and get a day closer to loosing my job.

My twitching has returned as well.

Today has been pretty shitty.

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