Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Finally checking out other blogs.

Not that I've never read a blog. But I've never really surfed the blogsphere. So I've actually been so sidetracked with that the last few weeks (and some other stuff...see below) that I haven't blogged.

So in my meandering there was only that really caught my attention and been losing sleep because of it. After being absorbed by this blog on and off for the past week I find out it is like huge and won tons of awards. (oooh looks like wontons...he he).

Also been busy with Christmas stuff and my grandmother dieing. Even took a road trip to Buffalo to see a band and my brother with a friend of mine. I have been feeling a lot better this month. I also finally applied for Medicaid and Foodstamps. Reading way more. This also cuts down on my online time and thus my chances of getting around to blogging.

Really though I should blog more. This has turned into my online diary of sorts. I really don't write in my paper one as much as I used to. Even a decade ago I used to write almost everyday. I haven't told anyone I know about this blog and maybe some day I will but for know I enjoy this way to share without much censorship (I think we all censor at least a little bit). If I share this with people I know then well it has lost that anonymity.

I got on blogger because I guess I wanted to connect and share in my struggles. Not so much for myself as for other people and for humanity in general. I really think that blogging may just be a great way for people to connect in a disconnected world. Blogs shouldn't replace real and in person relationships but when there is a deficit we can turn to the internet. I remember when I first started to get online. Not many people were online in the mid 90's but I found community in chatrooms. At the time I was a socially awkward teen (Hell I'm still socially awkward in ways) and the internet provided a way to gain some confidence. In college had lots of groups of people I hung out with and some friends but I still had trouble with social graces and conversation. Having both the internet and in person relationships was very helpful in creating a better me (despite the issues I still have). Although I did laugh quite hardily at a comedian the other day when he said about blogs that, "never have so many said so little".

So I have no idea if anyone reads this blog but if they do they don't comment. It's OK if no one does read this. It would be nice if I could share in humanity because of this blog but if I don't it is not the end of the world either.

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