Friday, January 15, 2010

Young adult literature and book blogging

So I wrote this as a comment to a book blog I was checking out:
The boom of young adult literature much like its children's literature counterpart is both good and bad. It it good becuase it seems to increase reading in these age groups which probably continues throughout their lives. The flip side is that they are mostly reading the fluffy cotton candy of literature. Taking up so much of their time ready the dessert without ever having a meal.

Got me thinking if I should blog about books. I read quite a bit. I could do a general media blog seeming I also consume movie and tv and a half decent pace. I could just include a book a week type thing on this blog or another blog I'm thinking of doing. This other blog will be focusing on living in concientiously with tips and thoughts and reviews of products. My reading doesn't always fall along those lines but even quite a bit of my reading reaches into socio-political concerns. I don't want any blog to be very political though. Politics is too divisive. I may rant once a blue moon on here about something bugging me but I would severely shy away from it on a blog that is trying to bring people together for a higher purpose.

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